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Kevin Ladd is director of the Wallisville Heritage Park at Wallisville, Chambers County, TX and lives in Hardin, TX. He is chairman of the Liberty County Historical Commission and writes for "Texas Illustrated," a monthly publication of the Liberty Gazette newspaper, which is devoted to local history and folklore.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The 1900 Census of Liberty County

For those of you who have already read the previous posting, here is a similar link to the 1900 Federal Census of Liberty County, Texas:

This particular link will bring you to listings for four different enumeration districts, each of which is further divided into various parts. There is so far no index to the 1900 transcriptions for Liberty County. I am also not especially sure this provides all of the residents of the county. I might also warn you there are some names that are wildly misspelled. You may have to study some of the surnames a little while to make sure you have the right people, but it is a good place to start and a darn sight easier to read than the microfilm originals,

For those of you naturally curious about other census transcriptions for other Texas counties, here is a link that will connect you to each county covered so far and the census records that have been transcribed to date:

The 1880 Census of Liberty County, TX

Okay, you are sitting around the house, working away on your family history. The thought suddenly comes to you: "I wonder if I can find Grandpa's second cousin on the 1880 census of Liberty County?" Okay, maybe it doesn't happen just like that, but many a time I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out where this family or that family was living during the time of the 1880 census of Liberty County. The good news is that the folks from the USGenWeb's Census Transcriptions Project can give you a hand. Here is a link that will take you directly to their transcribed version of the 1880 Census of Liberty County:

The link above will bring you to different Enumeration Districts within Liberty County during that year. Unless you happen to know what Enumeration District your folks were living within at the time of the census (and who in their right mind would?), this could prove to be a somewhat tedious effort.

But, have no fear, you can click onto this link and it will provide you with an index to the transcriptions, and give you the number of the Enumeration District and the page number on which your person can be found. Here's the link to the index:

Just as a case in point, we will take the first name in the index:
Abbott Ann C. 49 20 263A ed045p04.txt Liberty

This tells the researcher that the name of "Abbott, Ann C." -- who is 49 years old in 1880 at the time of the census -- will be found in Enumeration District 045 on page 20 and on a page identified by the enumerator as Page 263A. Ann was a resident of Liberty at the time of the census.

That gives you a general idea of how this works. The census is very helpful to local historians, particularly those who are trying to study individual towns or cities and the residents thereof in the 1880 census.