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Friday, July 28, 2006

25th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Company H

As we noted in the earlier post dealing with Company B of the 25th Texas Cavalry Regiment, many of our Liberty County Confederate soldiers can be found listed in the appendices of Miriam Partlow's 1974 history, Liberty, Liberty County & The Atascosito District. But these two companies were left out of the book. This particular fighting force -- Company H of the 25th Texas Cavalry Regiment, includes a large number of Liberty County men. What makes this such an interesting military company is the fact that so many of the local men who are listed here came from old Acadian families in Louisiana.

Here is the roster. Again, all of the officers are listed in itallics with their rank being duly noted. All Liberty County men, or at least those who appear to have hailed from this county, are highlighted in bold type. We would deary love to make contact with descendants of these soldiers. This company roster shows two different men who commanded this group Both Gilbert Lacour Jr. and John R. Proudfoot served as captains at various times. Although Captain Gilbert Lacour Jr. was no stranger to Liberty County. but it is hard to get a very good bead on Captain John Proudfoot.

Alleans, John G.
Anderson, Thomas S., Cpl.
Antonio, Christoff
Arnaud, Adolph
Arnett, John T.
Amnett, Z. [Arnett
Ayres, George
Bachen, H.
Baillio, Silvear P., 2nd Lt.
Bailey, J.
Barrett, John F ., Cpl.
Baudreaux, J.
Beachan, K.
Bellard, Mecjna
Beothy, W.
Bitteman, Lucien A.
Block, H.
Bondreau, Joseph
Brown, Albert L., Sgt.
Carter, B.F.
Carter, W.
Cary, John W., Sgt.
Cashett, J .
Davidson, George, Cpl.
Davidson, J.
Dawson, John
De Blanc, Alcide
De Blanc, Caesar, Sgt.
De Blanc, Jerome E.
De Blanc, Joe
De Blanc, Oscar, Sgt.
Dugat, Arvellian
Dugat, John
Dugat, Lefrois
Duset, Joseph

Elliott, William B.
Fortier, Sulimbe
Francen, H. ( Hugo Franssen)
Francis, W.
Freman, W.
Fruge, L.
Frugier, Antoine, Sr.
Frugier, Antonio, Jr.
Frugier, David
Frugier, F.
Frugier, John P., Jr.
Frugier, John P., Sr.
Frugier, Joseph
Frugier, Julian
Frugier, Lazime
Fruzier, R.
Fruzier, Va1cine
Fulkerson, A.H.
Garvin, James T.
Gilchrist, Ursen
Gillard, Appolinair, Cpl.
Gillard, Ludolph
Gillard, N.
Goshen, -
Graves, Joseph N.
Grice, Robert L.
Hardin, S.
Harper, W.
Hartman, Levi
Hatton, A.E.
Hicks, John H.
Hoards, John R.
Holland, Jeremiah
Houghstuttler, C.
House, M.
Howard, Pryor
Hughes, Jefferson C., Cpl.
Hughes, W.M.
Hyde, R.E.
Jackson, A.
Jackson, William
Johnson, Joseph B.
Johnson, William B.
Jones, J. Churchill
Joy, A.J.
Kinsey, Allen T.
Lacour, Cyprian
Lacour, Edward N.
Lacour, Gilbert, Jr., Capt.
Lacour, Gus, Cpl.
Lacour, J.M.C., Ist Lt.
Lacour, John W., 2nd Lt.
Lacour, Jule J., Sgt.
Lacour, L. Ernest
Lacour, Zenon
Lacy, Francis M.
Lacy, John D.
Lofton, William H.
Longtoff, Louis R.
McAllister, John W.
McCorkle, Robert
McLaughlin, Charles
McNamer, James
Morris, Osceola, 1st Lt.
Myers, T.H., Ist Sgt.

Nead, Eugene
Noe, James W.
O'Brien, John
Owens, Alfred
Pentecost, J.
Perito, J. R.
Peveto, Jim
Peveto, John
Peveto, Joseph
Pevotot, Joseph
Pice, John H.
Pile, Henry R., Sgt.
Proudfoot, John R., Capt.
Rachal, Frank S., Ist Sgt.
Reese, John H.
Richard, Alfred
Ripka, D.
Roberts, Benjamin
Rodgers, H.
Rodgers, M.
Rodgers, W.G.B.
Sargent, I. Henry
Schwamer, James
Sells, Thomas W ., Sgt.
Simpson, Andrew I.
Simpson, Henry
Simpson, W.H., Sgt.
Sisk, Jacob I.
Smith, E.I.
Smith, I.C.
Smith, James T.
Smith, W.C.
Stanley, William G.
Swaner, James
Tanney, H. [Tanner?]
Tanney, W. {Tanner?}

Tapin, I.
Tenney, L.M.
Thibodeaux, Charles
Thibodeaux, Joseph
Tompkins, Augustus
Vanhuten, R.
Vinier, John (Vanya)
Wallen, Charles
Watts, I.W., Sgt.
Weaver, John
Wilson, Theodore 0., Jr.2nd Lt.
Wilson, William H.
Wright, David C.
Wright, William M.
Zaran, F .M.


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I am the great great great granddaughter of Gilbert LaCour. I'm wondering if you have other info on the family?

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