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Kevin Ladd is director of the Wallisville Heritage Park at Wallisville, Chambers County, TX and lives in Hardin, TX. He is chairman of the Liberty County Historical Commission and writes for "Texas Illustrated," a monthly publication of the Liberty Gazette newspaper, which is devoted to local history and folklore.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The 25th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Company B

In the back of Miriam Partlow's wonderful book, Liberty, Liberty County & The Atascosito District, which was published in 1974, there are a set of appendices which provide some raw data on Liberty County people. Included in this section are some rosters of five Confederate companies from Liberty County, which were, of course, organized during the War Between the States or the Civil War. The natural assumption is that these lists are comprehensive and that no other companies were formed from here, or that no men from Liberty County served in other companies. If that is one's assumption, however, it is quite incorrect. The following muster roll covers Company B of the 25th Texas Cavalry Regiment, which included a number of our men. In our next post, we will cover Company H of the 25th Texas Cavalry Regiment, which included a large and interesting collection of Liberty County men.

Although I have not attempted to write anything close to a history of this company, a thorough study of the names of these soldiers and officers suggests most of these men came from Hardin County, along with a number of men from eastern Liberty County. Some of these soldiers came from Liberty, particularly Jeremiah VanDeventer, who was married to Cornelia Hardin.

Major Joseph Neal Dark, who died in 1905 at his home at Tanner's Bluff on the Trinity [west of Moss Hill], appears to have taken a leadership role in organizing this company. At the time the company was organized [around 1861 or 1862], the Major was living over near Batson's Prairie. Soon after the company was organized or substantially organized, Dark was promoted to the rank of major and placed on the regimental staff. This was a rank he shared with Edward Bradford Pickett of Liberty. At some point in time, command of this company was placed in the hands of Captain Thomas R. McMaster, who seems to have kept the command through the duration of the conflict.

Officers are printed in itallics. Men from Liberty County, or at least the ones we can clearly identify as being from Liberty County, are highlighted. I will be tinkering with this list for some time, but I would certainly like to contact anyone who can help identify one or more of these soldiers or officers. I am interested in any and all of these men. You may contact me by email at if you have information on them.

Allison, John V.
Alston, W.J.
Arnett, F.F.
Batson, J.
Bell, E.
Bilow, J.
Bishop, B .F .
Blackrnan, A.
Boon, R.
Bracken, G. B.
Bracken, W .G.
Brantley, T. W.
Bridges, L. M.
Bryant, J. M.
Burt, W. L.
Callier, R.P.
Calloway, John
Chapel, C.
Cherry, J. W.
Combs, James R.
Cook, J. O.
Cooper, James A.
Cotton, M. F. [possibly W. F. Cotton]
Cotton, W .H.
Crawford, W.
Dark, J .N., (Maj.)
Davaid, S. J.
Davis, John, (Cpl.)
Davis, L. R.
Davis, Larkin
Davis, S. W., (Sgt.)
Dean, Robert
Deets, F.W.
Dollard, J.J.
Dudley, A.H., Sgt.
Duset, Joseph (Doucette)
Ellis, J.J.
Evans, James J.
Farling, M.
Forlond, M.
Fountain, J.B.
Franklin, J.
Franklin, T .P .
Franklin, Wine
Frazier, J.J.
Frazier, James M.
Gilbert, L.F.
Gilbert, Samuel
Gillard, J. W.
Gillard. S.
Gilley. I.
Goff, P.V.
Goff, Thomas B.
Goodman, John M.
Graharn, A.J .
Graharn, R.G.
Green, Ezra
Green, J.L.
Green, Philip
Gudny, N. [possibly Guedry or Guidry]
Guines. Z.M.. (Sgt.)
Hall. W .H.
Harnptin. G.
Haralson. J .H.
Harlson. W .P .
Harper. J.
Harrell, W.L., (Cpl.)
Hart, R.J .
Harvill. J .C.
Haverea, W .F . [Havard?]
Havered, S.J. . [Havard?]
Havord. W .F . [Havard?]
Hebert, Jada
Hempling. J.
Hillyer. F. R., lst Sgt.
Holland, E.B.
Hooks, J.D.
Hughes, James F.
Huling, Thomas B.
Jackson, Ambrose (Corporal)
Jackson, James
Jackson, William
Jarrell, John
Jones, J .H.
Jones, J. K.
Jones, John R.
Jones, R. D., Sgt.
Jones, R. J.
Jordan, M.W.
Jourdan, W .H.
Kea, J. W.
Kennedy, J. D.
Kerr, C. D.
Kerr, J. M.
Kingcade, J. B .L.
Langthrop, W.
Lee, B. J.
Levy, H.
Lewis, Simeon
Lewis, Willis, Cpl.
Long, James M., Sgt.
Lum, Jesse D., 1st Lt.
Marble, Jacob A.
Marks, Barney
Matthews, W. J.
McAllister, John H.
McCartney, R.L.K.
McMaster, Thomas R., Capt.
McNealy, D.S.D.
McNealy, Hugh
McShan, G.W.
McWilliams, James
Merchant, James A., (lst Lt.)
Meyer, Peter .
Middleton, W.
Mixon, Henry
Montgomery, H.
Montgomery, John
Mott, Daniel
Mott, H.P.
Mott, Isaac
Mott, J .L.
Mott, Loveless
Mott, Thomas
Nichols, A.
O'Neal, Paul
Odam, J.W., Cpl.
Overstreet, Coleman
Parker, Isaac
Parker, James
Parker, John
Parr, W.H.
Perryman, W .A.
Petty, J.
Philips, C. T.
Pool, J. J.
Porter, M. P .
Pugh, W .H.
Randolph, J.G.
Richey, S.
Riley, A.
Riley, A.
Ripka, D.
Ross, R.L.
Runnels, A.J .
Runnels, Alexander
Runnels, P.M.
Runnels, G.B.
Runnels, Jesse
Sellman, George W., (Sgt.)
Shaw, Quincy
Shell, R.H., (Sgt.)
Shepherd, J.M.
Simans, B.J.
Simmons, J.
Simms, John T., (2nd Lt.)
Sims, E.G.
Sims, J.T.
Sims, T. R., (2nd Lt.)
Smith, Robert
Smith, W .H., (Sgt.)
Snellgroves, J.A.C., Cpl.
Snider, William
Spell, R.H., Sgt.
Spier, A.J.
Spier, J.P., Capt.
Stanley, F.P.
Stanly, P .S.
Street, C.O.
Sutton, S.H., Jr, 2nd Lt.
Swinney, M.
Tarling, M. C.
Taylor, J. G .L.
Taylor, Joseph
Teel, Richard
Terry, William
Thibodeaux, Charles
Thibodeaux, Charles
Thompson, J.E.
Thompson, James
Thompson, S.K.
Thompson; S. W.
Thomson, J.W.
Underwood, A.J.
Vandeventer, J. [Jeremiah]
Whittington, W .H.
Williams, E.H.
Williams, J.P.
Williams, J.R. ,
Williford, G.W.


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I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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Blogger jtpenny87 said...

My 2x great grandfather and 3x great grandfather were men of Hardin County Texas who were enlisted as volunteers in this regiment. Their names are William Andrew Roundtree/Rountree and James W Roundtree/Rountree. I would appreciate it if you added their names to your list.
Thank You
Teresa Penny

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